Tecno t465 charging ic

If you are one of those users, here are some fixes that can be followed in order to fix the issue. Sometimes the charger cable has been damaged or lost the proper connection to charge the J3. Before purchase, a new cable, try. Now re-solder charging connector pins and check. Check to charge voltage with the help of a multimeter. Place Negative terminal of the multimeter on ground and Positive on a charging pin 1st pin from your left-hand side.

Make sure that the voltage is between 5V to 5. Charging Connector can be replaced by heating it from the opposite side of the board, while heating it, pull charging connector with the help of Tweezers. Check continuity between Fuse and Charging Pin 1st from your left-hand side. If there is no continuity, place jumper. Also, check the following, and replace them if damaged: Fuse Capacitor Coil Heat charging IC, if it is faulty then replace it.

Now check charge at the battery terminals, if it is not standard voltage then re-solder or replace battery terminals. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Tecno Hardware. By Mobile Rdx On Jan 11, You might also like More from author. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers.The feature-filled mobile phone codes and simple unlocking USSD for feature phones software app is discussed in details at the techies forum, you can download the app or join the discussion by clicking on this link.

For some Android devices other than tecno, you may use the tweak with the steps below take note of the three buttons combination in contrast to the one above. Note : There are lots of key combinations to attempt, especially for unpopular MTK brands. If your phone is not a tecno android phone, you can attempt setting or removing the security code by using either of these default Tecno security codes.

Please do note that most phones would restrict the pin code attempt after 5 trials. The default Tecno phone passwords is as follows:. Join us to get latest updates ONLY delivered to your inbox.

No SpamWe Promise! I am a dedicated web developer with interest in blogging and app development. I have lots of buddies and always ready to connect with like-minded pals - See more about me. I hard resented my tecno android phone and after the reset it was still asking for me to log in with my previous Google account.

Tecno F1 Specification, Image and Price

Please I need help. How to disable a switch mode for tecno t Will this software unlock all firmware phones without damaging the phone? I am bit skeptical regarding this. You can restore it to the factory condition by reading this post carefully or by trying the other tips at 3ptechies. Pls i need your help urgently on an L8 tecno mobile. I just acquire the device about 3wks back. This morning i powered it off before swaping a sim just to check sth on my mail.

Pls what do i do to remove this and enjoy my new tecno L8 phone. Urgent pls, thank u. Remove your battery and then turn on your phone while pressing your volume up button and your power key together till your phone restarts ,remove your hand immediately it gets to the options and select normal boot. You can get in touch with the closest Carlcare Service Centera round your area if the suggested work-around fails.Mobile Phone Keypad Not Working. Keypad is a mobile cell phone card level part that helps to enter data like phone numbers and alphabets and operate a mobile phone.

Some mobile phones are touchscreen and are operated by PDA.


Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials. Tips for Wireless Earbuds — Android or iPhone. Please Read it. Assemble Back and Check. My phone fell into water. After spreading it in the sun to dry, i switched it on and i discovered that the middle soft key is not working properly.

I would have to press it hard before it works.

Charging error solution tecno T528

And sometimes it would perform the function of the arrow keys. Please, what should i do? The affected phone is tecno t Chaina mobile. Only power key work other not work. If changing the mic did not fix the problem then the pcb track is gone. It is now better to change the mobile phone.

Good day sir pls my tecno t is not detecting sound so i bought a new one and i fix it but still not working, pls how can i trace the ic thank. Sorry,I could not understand your question properly. Do you mean there is No sound from the Ear Speaker or the Loudspeaker? You will get it in Google Image Search.

Also what is the correct reading value of component like resistor,capacitor,inductor,coil,transistor,diode,fuse when taking from PCB when using digital or analogy place in a buzz switch range. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Email Address. Patrickgikundi says:. May 28, at pm. Santosh Das says:.

tecno t465 charging ic

May 31, at am. Dre says:. September 10, at pm.Like Like. Like Liked by 2 people. My techno f7 screen just went blank. Pls help. Like Liked by 1 person. Gabriel, recently I bought Techno Y6 which works with my pc whenever I am transferring files via bluetooth.

But now, my pc can no longer find my techno device. Pls what do I do? To install the game on my phone is the problem. My Tecno H5 just suddenly went blank. It does not come-on again all attempts to switch it on is not working. What is the problem, and what do I do? I have a tecno H5 that keeps showing the error message android process has stopped.

I need help. I need help pls. My tecno mobile phantom z A7 is stope 3G network service it works only 2G network the setting is correctly set up what is the solutions please? Hello, I just performed a factory data reset in my techno H6 phone a few hours ago and picking the networks in both SIM is a problem. Please help me resolve the problem!

My techno T9 always shows no service whenever am in my room but brings the network when am out.

Fix Your Tecno Camon Problems Here

Pls my tecno h5 voice call setting is tampered and when i try to call the scarsease goes off. Tell me what to do. My techno T7 screen remains blank or blinks at interval when I initiate a call then I find it difficult to end my call… what must I do to resolve this issue.

MyTecno H5,was persistently indicated unfortunately launcher has stopped,It hangs and heats often times. I am urgently requesting for a lasting solution if there is any. Please I need help on my tecno phantom Z….

Each time one is calling me, it tells me process Com. Android stops working it shows this on the screen and wen I click OK the call will end….

What do I do to resolve this? PHONE Iam experiencing problems with dialer which keeps teliing me dialer is not responding whenever I want to make calls. How do I stop uninvited apps from entering my Tecno H7 phone?

These apps keep downloading on my phone even though I unchecked Allow installation of unwanted apps under security settings? Hi ya Admin, i have a Tecno P9 mini tab, it went blank and has refused to turn on again, i have charged it bt yet no positive output.

Pls guys I need ur help, am having problem with my tecno Phantom z, when ever I installed a game on opening when a display pop out telling to touch to continue or press play, when I press d play or any part of the screen from there it will not respond, plss nd plss I need ur help. Please what can I do do it…….????? My techno L7 keeps showing unintended activation screen, n weneva it does dat m unable 2 swich off or use my phone till i eida call d phone or leaves it over 30mins, n it really pisses me off.

Pls hw do i stop d stuff frm showing? I can only use my headset to play music and hear sounds from the phone what might be the problem thanks. I bought techno p I try to on it and stop…I hav try hard reset. Now av restored factory setting…taken it to a technician and they have flashed it so manytimes and upgraded its software and the freezing keeps getting worse…pls what doi do?Thank you very much for making this available.

Having the schematics and layout of an actual, high-end product is extremely helpful to me in my studies. Post a Comment please dont add any spam comment.

Search all the best sites for Mobile Phone Circuit Diagram, layout, and troubleshooting diagrams here. In the beginning, seeing Nokia mobile phone circuit diagram download full is useful to the knowledge of mobile phone PCB lines framework.

No worries. Get A Free PDF Version Of This All Mobile Circuit Diagram PDF guide for free downloading Best way to get complete mobile repairing diagram, all mobile diagram, all mobile circuit diagram, all mobile circuit diagram pdf, mobile diagram book, all mobile diagram free download, all mobile PCB diagram free download and all mobile circuit diagram free download on your device.

Here are some ideas on mobile circuit diagram. Mobile Phone Troubleshooting Diagram Mobile Phone Layout Diagram Mobile Phone Schematic Diagram block diagram of cell phone you will get accurate information on the use of a mobile phone motherboard diagram, smartphone motherboard diagram, and smartphone circuit diagram here on this page.

It is equivalent to a handbook for them. These free offline mobile phone circuit board diagrams are the best example of Troubleshooting Diagram. Nokia layout diagram nokia n72 layout diagram nokia n72 diagram nokia schematic diagram nokia n71 layout diagram nokia pcb diagram if you are searching android mobile circuit diagram, android mobile circuit diagram download, android phone schematic diagram, android mobile schematic diagram, schematics diagrams free download, phone diagram, mobile diagram, mobile repairing diagram, schematic phone, schematic diagram mobile phone, mobile phone schematic circuit diagram, and mobile schematics free download then visit Samsung Galaxy motherboard PDF Diagrams Mobile Phone Layout Diagram Mobile Phone Layout Diagram include Capacitor's, Resistor's, Transistor's, Diodes, Coil or Inductor, Voltage Drivers, Regulators, EMI-ESD, Fuse, Rx Filter, Tx Filter, Integrated Circuit Values and Part Numbers.

tecno t465 charging ic

These phones diagram are the examples of mobile schematic diagram. In order to Repair Any repair smartphones circuit board and its basic electronic components, You will definitely need a smartphone diagram. If you would like to explore how an online repair manual solution can benefit your smartphone repair business, please follow the instruction below. Take a personal tour of the biggest smartphone repair manual online Fill The Form Now! Over 3 thousand smartphone technician use it, now you can too.

Do it Yourself and save time and money. Tagged In: cell phone diagram free download mobile layout diagram mobile phone repairing diagram schematic circuit diagram. Facebook Twitter. Previous Post Next Post.

tecno t465 charging ic

Contact Form. LinkList ul li ul'.The Tecno F1 comes with a 5.

tecno t465 charging ic

Checkout Lowest Price Jumia Nigeria. Checkout Lowest Price. It has inbuilt with it Wi-Fi capability and the ability to create Wireless Hotspots. The Tecno F1 comes with a display of 5. It has a resolution of by pixel. The display is quite good quality for phones within this price range. The GPU is the Mali. The Tecno F1 has a battery with the capacity of mAh. The Battery uses the Li-Po technology and it is non removable. This battery could last for a day on an average heavy usage.

Please in the comment section below, You can provide the problem you have faced on using the Tecno F1 and we will try to proffer a solution in the comment section. Please Share and Like below. Thank You. It might be due to number of apps and services running and what you use the phone, that is what determines how the battery will last.

Please my Tecno F1 phone fell from my hands,then it went off and refused to switch on. I have taken it for repairs but they said it is IC problem so it cant work again… Pls any solution to this. Okay, please check out large technical repair centers in your area. If thesame, then you might need to replace the board or get a new phone.

There are many reasons that might lead to this. If the apps are installed in an SD card, the SD card might be faulty It could also occur due to virus and other malwares. Your email address will not be published. Please any information shared is at Your Risk. Checkout Full Disclaimer. Quick Navigation.When learning how to repair a mobile cell phone, it is important to identify parts and components on the PCB of a mobile phone or smartphone Android and iPhone.

Identification of these parts and components is not that difficult. When identifying parts, electronic components and ICs on the PCB of a mobile cell phone or smartphone, it is important to keep these two sections in mind. Network Section : The section below antenna point and above power section is called network section. The point where antenna is connected is called antenna point. Antenna Switch found in the network section and is made from metal and non-metal. It has 16 points or legs.

In some mobile phones, the antenna switch is merged with PFO. It is below or beside the antenna switch and PFO. Power Section : This section is below the Network Section. In some mobile phones there are 2 Power ICs.

Central Processing Unit. In some sets there are 2 CPU. Tags: basic components of mobile phone How to Identify Parts and Components of mobile phone mobile components list mobile phone components identification mobile phone ic details mobile phone ic identification Mobile Phone Parts Identification mobile phone pcb diagram with parts Mobile Phone Repair Mobile Phone Repairing Mobile Phone Repairing Tutorial Mobile Repair parts of android phone smartphone parts and functions.

Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials. Tips for Wireless Earbuds — Android or iPhone. Hi… is it advisable using my Nokia 6. Kindly advise. I am really looking forward to learning the mobile phone repair! Can i get your WhatsApp number for quick question and interaction. Hi sir, Thanks alot for time use to give an answer for all problem.

I have an infinix brand mobile phone. It turns on and off by itself. What may be the problem. Hi Dear,would u take me samsung schematic diagram google link or add? Books with diagrams and shematics of phone board are available online. If you can understand the schematics of Nokia then it is more than enough to understand and repair any mobile phone or smartphone of any brand. How can I involve in advance course with you on mobile repair particularly PCB work.

I am a technician already. Factory Reset the Phone. Software flashing is not expensive. I really enjoy this and I lean a lot from this site,and how can I get some of this tools mentioned here.

Your Earpiece is Faulty. Replace it. Moto Z. So I remove charger,but immediately dies. Unplug and dies. So this has been its problem for 2 months now! It still worked perfectly as long as always plugged in to charger.

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