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When the first goal is reached, Ads will be banished from all download links! Access to exclusive development news and screenshots Get updates on the development of SEUS with screenshots to watch it grow and evolve.

Additionally, it's more likely that a new feature will appear in the Experimental Development Archives before the Beta Archives, so you get to check out the bleeding edge of SEUS! Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Show more. These Beta versions may include some experimental features not seen in Release versions! I started working on SEUS in early and, while working on it, discovered a passion I never knew I had, graphics programming! After a few years of working on SEUS, I moved on to other projects to better support myself financially.

However, I just kept found myself being drawn back to it! So, I decided to go with what felt right and return to working on Minecraft shaders and create this Patreon page in the hopes that it could be sustainable for me. I can't believe how much it's grown now! There's some important information about it that you should know before you consider becoming a patron!

First of all, if you're new to using Minecraft shaders, check this installation guide. If you would like to try it out, for now it requires Gold tier access.

As it nears completion, it will drop down to Beta status, only requiring Iron tier access. When a public release is ready, it'll be free to download for anyone! Since it is highly experimental work, I cannot provide an ETA for these milestones.

seus ptgi free

Just know that I'm working as hard as I can! However, because I am doing a lot of tricks that most graphics programmers generally don't need to do, there might occasionally be some compatibility issues. As far as I know, there aren't any issues currently. It does not take advantage of hardware acceleration on RTX cards. This isn't possible for now. I am currently researching how to get it running on AMD cards.Distributed is the source code of SEUS. You are granted the right to use and modify SEUS and its source for your own personal use.

It is, however, interdicted to re- distribute SEUS as it is provided or in any modified version in parts or in its entirety in any way without explicit written permission by Sonic Ether. You may ipso facto not create mirrors, use parts of SEUS - including snippets from its source code - in your own work, claim to be the author of SEUS or publish derived shader packs under your own or Sonic Ether's name.

Seus Ptgi E6 Raytracing Shader Download

You may freely publish Minecraft footage with SEUS installed given that you do not infringe applicable law. Should you opt to release a subsequent series of videos that do not feature SEUS as their main content, e.

seus ptgi free

This software is provided 'as is' and comes without warranty of any kind including, but not limited to, the implied warranty that it works the way intended or advertised. In no event is Sonic Ether liable to you for any damage that arises out of the use or malfunction of SEUS including, but not limited to, hardware failure, loss of income and negative impact on your Minecraft experience.

The entire risk as to every aspect of SEUS is with you. Sonic Ether is free to change this license at any point in time without further notice. Each clause of this agreement is subject to applicable law and only to be applied to the extent is permitted by applicable law.

In case any part of this agreement should for any reason be considered invalid, illegal or be deemed unenforceable, Sonic Ether shall undertake to replace the aforementioned part by a term that comes closest to the intended meaning and is all valid, legal and enforceable.

The remaining parts of this agreement are therefrom unaffected in their validity. By installing, downloading, storing a copy of or using SEUS you agree to all of the terms and conditions. They can and will, if deemed neccessary by Sonic Ether, be enforced by going to law. Please note that this abridged version is only provided for your convenience.

The only legally binding agreement is the 'long' EULA. Filesize 6. I have read and accepted the EULA. An abridged version is available.Our goal is to provide high-quality video, TV streams, music, software, documents or any other shared files for free! Registered users can also use our File Leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where it was found on. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! If you have any other trouble downloading seus ptgi e6 post it in comments and our support team or a community member will help you!

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Ray tracing as a technology represents a whole new way to look at lighting and how it can build atmosphere, realism, and give life and vibrance to a world that might otherwise feel flat and two dimensional.

Thanks to a host of mods and shaders, Minecraft has a long history of taking advantage of complex lighting in surprising ways, which makes it the perfect place to show off exactly what ray tracing is capable of. NOTE: Since this article was published, official support for real-time ray tracing has been announced for Minecraft.

So far we don't have a specific date on these new features, but you can read on to learn about the unofficial method. As a result, anyone with a reasonably beefy Nvidia GPU can run this mod with enough tweaking. Unfortunately, due to the experimental nature of the drivers at work you will need at least some kind of Nvidia GPU.

We recommend something with at least as much horsepower as a GTX or The updated versions, however, are not compatible. For this method of ray tracing to work in Minecraftyou need to explicitly download and install the versions we list in this article, or, again, it will not function.

When Minecraft finishes installing, take the time to boot up the launcher and log in with your account. Minecraft forge. Click the tab on the left-hand side of the window for Minecraft version 1. Minecraft needs to run at least once to finalize the Forge installation.

So, restart your Minecraft client, log in, and then click the arrow beside the green play button. Let Minecraft do its thing until it reaches the title screen, then shut it down before heading to the next step.

Launch Minecraftmake sure that Forge 1. When a public release is ready, it'll be free to download for anyone!

SEUS PTGI E11 [UPDATE new clouds system, improve reflections, etc.] FREE DOWNLOAD | 8.4MB (.zip)

Once the file has finished downloading, start Minecraft using Forge 1. The mod author recommends you set the options below accordingly. Tweaking these settings gives you the most control over the intensity of the lighting effects that are most noticeable with ray tracing enabled. On our rig, which included a GTX and an iK, we found that we could turn most of the ray tracing related settings to Ultra or Extreme without dipping below 30FPS.

We recommend starting a fresh world in Minecraft amplified worlds in particular are a lot of fun and methodically working your way through each setting to determine the impact it has on your FPS.

Because this build of the shader is in the experimental stage, expect bugs and performance issues that may take time to resolve as new versions are released. So have fun. View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews.SEUS is one of the most famous shaders in the Minecraft community. We are still fascinated by the very realistic look that gives Minecraft a completely new atmosphere. The photo-realistic clouds, water, and light rays give Minecraft very special gaming experience.

The disadvantage of this shader is that it needs a lot of power. You must also be aware that Optifine must be installed. In the new SEUS 1. In addition, the lighting of the sky and clouds has been adjusted to make the effect even more realistic. The weather has been made more realistic. For example, blocks have a wet effect when it rains. The underwater rendering has also been redesigned and is now better than ever before.

In addition, the shadows are now smoother and more natural. The SEUS 1. The shader is only recommended for powerful computers but brings very amazing pictures in your Minecraft world.

SEUS brings Minecraft to a whole new level graphically and convinces Minecraft players from all over the world! The only catch would be the high performance the shader needs to keep stable FPS. Shaders are the best way to make Minecraft as beautiful as possible. SEUS Ultra is one of the best shaders in the world, but not everyone can play with this big boy.

So if you need more shaders for version 1. There are many more shaders that require less power and are still very nice. From very colorful to realistic shaders — everything is included. There are new shaders for 1. SEUS is definitely suitable for realistic resource packs. If you have problems with your frame rate, lower and more pixelated resource packs are also a good choice.

The Shader links below are definitely safe. Mod Files were checked trough virustotal. You will be redirected to your shader and can play with it immediately! I doesnt work for me. I have optifine downloaded, i put it into the shaders file, and it shows up, but doesnt do anything! Thats because optifine said via twitter to the 1. IS there a 1. So what gives.

Shaders can now be installed in 1. Note you have to use a preview Version of optiFine 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account.Re-download to get a version that solves the issue. This version takes the clouds and sky introduced in E11 and improves upon them significantly. You will still experience some minor visual bugs, and you may experience random crashing. Coverage varies from almost no clouds to somewhat cloudy over long periods of time instead of constant coverage, and they now extend to the horizon Improved sky, lighting, and cloud colors.

Everything is now using the same physically based functions, so consistency and accuracy is improved. Outdoor scenes should look much more natural in many ways! Improved land atmospheric scattering.

seus ptgi free

Uses the new functions mentioned above. Rain lighting reworked. Probably will be reworked again. Try out sunset or sunrise, nice warmly lit clouds creates dramatic scenes! Should be a little less artifacty than in E Fixed issue where the GI filter would cause some areas to over-darken, especially on resource packs with normal maps or custom leaf block models. Reduced the size of the sun as rendered directly in the sky Made the sun look less like a lonely, dim, ugly white disc in the sky Fixed GI light from clouds leaking all over the place inside caves Fixed ray traced reflections appearing grayscale if they were too dark Reflections on water now better approximate apparent reflectivity based on the presence of waves.

Minecraft 1. This is unavoidable currently. Compatibility with Intel GPUs is not guaranteed or planned at all!We hope you enjoy using it. We don't want to run ads or infect you with crypto miners. We depend on users like you to keep the site running, and to preserve years and terabytes of amazing content—some of which is no longer available from its original creators! Because of the nature of the site, many users are reluctant to donate.

That's OK! But if you value the service we provide, and are able to, we—and our users—would be tremendously grateful if you considered making a donation. Please note : this tracker is updated manually—don't worry if your donation doesn't show up immediately!

So, we need to meet this goal before 30 April!

seus ptgi free

At this time, yiff. Please select a currency below to display the relevant donation address. Due to the nature of sites like yiff.

If we were to accept donations via PayPal, it wouldn't take more than a day for someone to submit an abuse report and get our account frozen. Until a viable way of accepting monetary donations becomes available, cryptocurrency will remain the only option. There are many resources available on how to purchase crypto. For Bitcoin, check out bitcoin. For beginner Bitcoin users, yiff.

SEUS PTGI E12 vs Vanilla Minecraft [4K/60FPS]

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